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Rebel In Progress With Rachel Matthews

Apr 26, 2020 

What impact does sleep have on creativity and innovation?

How do we form new ideas?

Are you a lark or an owl?

My guest this week on Creative Connections podcast is Dr Katharina Lederle. She is a chronobiologist and sleep expert with a PhD in Human Sleep &...

Apr 19, 2020

@rachelmatthewswrites / @creativeconnections


I'm back (and pretty god damn happy about it!) after a little podcasting break to bring you series 2 of the Creative Connections. This week I'm absolutely delighted to be interviewing the editor of Startups Magazine,...

Creative Connections Trailer

Apr 16, 2020

Creative Connections with Rachel Matthews is a business podcast where each week Rachel speaks with entrepreneurs, business owners, experts and creatives about behind the scenes of a startup business. She dissects their creative process and how their world of work is changing.